Hinged and built-in fire cabinet

Cases fire mounted and recessed

Quality Certificate

Cases for fire hydrant valves are designed for storage at industrial sites and public buildings. Manufactured in accordance with State Standard 4401-2: 2005. Available with a compartment for a fire extinguisher or without him. Equipped with a turret (basket) for pressure hose and opening for supplying a fire hydrant. Made of sheet steel. Cabinet doors are equipped with special locks. Cabinets are designed for use indoors at temperatures from +5 to +45 deg. and relative humidity up to 95%.

Individual manufacturing fire fighting equipment

Possible custom-made according to customer’s sizes

Maximum dimensions:
width: 1800 mm
height: 2440 mm
Depth: 900 mm
The complete set of the PAC, including:
Cassette sleeve
Fire hose latex 20m, according to ДСТУ 3810-98
head pressure hose connection, according to ДСТУ 2112-92
manual shut-barrel fire, according to the State Standard 4401-2: 2005
shutoff valve fireman corner

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