Hinged and built-in fire cabinet

600x600_2015шкаф пожарный 600х600х230_замокEUCases fire ПКК- 600x600x230 hinged

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Quality Certificate

Cases fire for the indoor fire hydrants

Overall dimensions:


Width: 600mm
Height: 600 mm
Depth: 230 mm

Product Feature:


Fire cabinets Wall
Made according to ДСТУ 4401-2: 2005
Fire valve 51mm (angular or straight-through), 66mm (corner) - a complete set of the cabinet not included
Cassette sleeves dia. 51/66/77 mm
Emergency window opening PC "break - get the key" of safety glass
Ergonomic handle - lock tabs for sealing
The maximum opening angle (not less than 170 degrees), the viewing window of shatterproof plastic for visual inspection equipment
The angle of rotation of the tubular tape cabinet - not less than 90 degrees.
Easy access to the elements of the wall mount 
Preliminary perforation of the wall, which facilitates installation of the cabinet on the existing water pipeline



Red (RAL 3020) - Standard
Beige (RAL 7032) - Standard
White (RAL 9010) - Standard
The other - on the palette RAL (optional)

Products are painted high-quality polyester powder paint in any color on request.

Price: 15.54 $ (USD)

Instructions for use of fire cases ШПК - 600x600x230 H

Purpose cabinet ШПК - 600x600x230 H crane fire - using a set of primary fire extinguishing equipment in industrial buildings, residential, public and other buildings. Operating temperature range cabinets fire crane ШПК - 600x600x230 H - from +5 to +45 degrees Celsius, the maximum level humidity - 95%. Operation period reaches cabinets 10 years.

ШПК - 600x600x230 H - metal cabinets fire, intended for storage of a fire hydrant and hose. Are part of the fire fighting equipment and placed in the industrial, public, residential and other buildings. In fire cabinets ШПК - 600x600x230 H has perforated holes 51mm fire valve, located on the sides of the cabinet. For easy installation inside the cabinet fire hose, products equipped with swivel cassette diameter 51/66 mm.

Cases fire ШПК - 600x600x230 H made of metal, completed with hinged doors - deaf or with window glass, - lock. Some models of cabinets ШПК - 600x600x230 H instead of the castle have metal or plastic tabs that provide secure locking doors, as well as their easy opening in case of fire. Door ШПК - 600x600x230 H are formed so that they have a special place for emergency key, which is protected by glass.

Easily connect fire-fighting equipment to the public water supply pipeline provide perforations on the side walls of the housing of the fire enclosure. The presence of fire inside the swivel cassette cabinet ШПК - 600x600x230 H provides convenience with a fire hose it.

Wardrobe fire crane ШПК - 600x600x230 H is mounted on a wall or in a niche with special fixing holes in the back of the product. Reliability mounting ШПК - 600x600x230 H also provide pressure plates located on the sides of the fire enclosure.

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