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About “Technopark Pozhtechnika” Ltd

Our company  offers wholesale and retail fire-fighting equipment.

The company specializes in the sale of fire-fighting equipment. The strategic goal of the company – to provide the highest quality range of goods fire-technical purposes.

Our company  to sell fire equipment was established over 10 years ago, and has long established itself as a reliable manufacturer. All fire fighting equipment, which we represent, is certified and has a long warranty.

We tried to stick around basic principles – individual approach to each client. If you need the professionalism, competence, tact and commitment in the work, then our company is the production and sale of fire-fighting equipment – your reliable partner in the market of fire-fighting equipment.

Fire-fighting equipment

Any building shall be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. Regardless of whether it is residential, office or industrial. In order to avoid casualties and reduce the potential damage from a fire, you must endure all fire regulations.

             Now we will look at that from the fire fighting equipment is needed.

First of all, the building must install fire doors.

The next point – this is known to us all the fire extinguisher. The easiest and surest way to extinguish the fire started. There are several types of fire extinguishers:

  • A powder fire extinguisher – used to extinguish a fire extinguishing powder and inert gas, which ejects the powder under pressure. These extinguishers can be used in the office for extinguishing burning liquid materials, burning of solid materials. Powder extinguisher is designed for extinguishing appliances that are under voltage not exceeding 1000 V .;
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher – used in offices where there is a computer and org.tehnika. You can put out the initial stages of a fire. You can put out the appliances that are under voltage up to 1000 V. The advantage of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can be called that it leaves no dirt or residue. Carbon dioxide dissolved substance over time.

It is necessary to hang or put a fire extinguisher within reach. It is also worth to notify staff, where the fire extinguisher and how to use it.

If the building is large enough, then you need to install a fire shield. Shields also come in several types, such as: open fire shield, closed fire shield. Boards are installed on each floor, and if the building is large, and two shields on floor.

If there is a risk of fire, set fire cabinet, which holds a fire hose. Cabinets come in various types of fastening (floor, wall, recessed) and open or closed.

All of these fire-fighting measures will help you prevent or quickly extinguish the fire.

Technical capabilities

To achieve the objectives of manufacture products that meet international quality standards, our company is equipped with the most modern metalworking equipment.

Before the start of production of any, even the piece, the product designer is modeled in the computer technology. On the basis of the constructed model program formed sheet metal.

Cutting and bending workpieces being coordinate ЧПУ press the Japanese company Amada, a recognized world leader in metalworking, and the cutting accuracy is 0.1 mm.

To achieve the strict geometric accuracy during assembly use high precision welding tables with the multi-conductors positioning system and fixing products.

Assembled products arrive at predpokrasochnuyu treatment – degreasing, washing and phosphatising, after which the cells are stained with powder polymer paint on modern paint systems MACH-JET, in color according to customer requirements.

At each stage of production – slitting, bending, welding or painting – our products are subject to quality control. Only tested parts arrive at the assembly and packaging.

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