Metal doors

Fire doors and solid metal
single-glazed fire resistance
class EI 60

  • ДП 1
  • ДП
  • 1dp inet


Quality Certificate

Registered in the Register: № UA1.016.0216735-12

Meets the requirements of: ДСТУ Б В.1.1-6-2001

                                                 ДСТУ Б В.2.6-77:2009


Have many advantages over similar products on the market through the use of proprietary technology and their own development.

Characteristics of the door:
Double smoke and acoustic seal
Recessed design - painting doors and trim are in the same plane and with a minimum clearance
High-quality imported furniture, handles of polished stainless steel
The final color of enamel powder
One-piece bent rigid frame with a width of 90mm platband
Low threshold of the door.

calculated individually

Производитель пожарных шкафов, щитов, противопожарних дверей

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